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Somos una empresa con más de 75 años de experiencia en la transformación de fibras naturales y resinas plásticas en soluciones para los sectores Industrial, Agropecuario, Construcción e Infraestructura. Empaques en fibras, mallas plásticas, cartón plástico, telas sintéticas y fibra natural, hilos y sogas, zunchos, sacos de fibra sintética y fibra natural, refuerzo para el concreto, manto para el control de erosión.

We are a Company with over 75 years of experience in natural fibers and plastic resins processing offering practical solutions and high quality standards for the following sectors: Industrial, Agricultural, Construction and Infrastructure.

We have built a business network that has a team of more than 1,300 collaborators; which allows us to participate in different industrial activities. 

Within our business portfolio these following products stand out:

- Packaging solutions, packaging and storage for industrial processes such as, bags  and fabrics of synthetic fiber and natural fiber, straps, plastic netting  threads and ropes among others.

- Protection solutions for construction, infrastructure and mining as erosion control blankets, nets, plastic sheeting  among others.

- Printable solutions for signs and advertising manufactured in Cartonplast.

- Packaging and storage solutions for household and business related processes.

Thanks to the excellence of our administrative and productive processes, leading technology, the commitment of those who work in the company,  the respect we have for nature and the quality of the products we offer, we are leaders in the various sectors in which we participate both in Colombia and in different countries of the world.

Within our corporate social responsibility policies, and with the support of various national and international institutions, we encourage the plantation and use of Fique, native fiber of the Andes region that belongs to the same family of Sisal ( Sisal ), used in the manufacturing of a number of products we offer. Fique is biodegradable and very resistant, it is a source of employment for more than 55,000 colombian families and has contributed significantly to the replacement of illicit crops in our country.

We like to encurage strong relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, society, government entities and shareholders.

Fibers knitting for
a better country.

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