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Somos una empresa con más de 75 años de experiencia en la transformación de fibras naturales y resinas plásticas en soluciones para los sectores Industrial, Agropecuario, Construcción e Infraestructura. Empaques en fibras, mallas plásticas, cartón plástico, telas sintéticas y fibra natural, hilos y sogas, zunchos, sacos de fibra sintética y fibra natural, refuerzo para el concreto, manto para el control de erosión.

Our erosion control matting brand has been designed and made with fique, a natural biodegradable fiber. Agrotextil products favor the formation of the topsoil layer and reduce the incidence of erosive factors such as rain and wind.

Agrotextil is the trademark for natural fiber nonwoven fabrics designed to control the erosion of soils exposed to the effects of water, wind and gravity.


Revegetation, batter slope stabilization and erosion control.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Easy installation
  • Different weights according to the types of soil and slopes (from 320gr / m2 to 460gr / m2)
  • Retains and releases moisture, generating a microclimate between the soil and the mantle


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