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Somos una empresa con más de 75 años de experiencia en la transformación de fibras naturales y resinas plásticas en soluciones para los sectores Industrial, Agropecuario, Construcción e Infraestructura. Empaques en fibras, mallas plásticas, cartón plástico, telas sintéticas y fibra natural, hilos y sogas, zunchos, sacos de fibra sintética y fibra natural, refuerzo para el concreto, manto para el control de erosión.

Our brand of yarns and ropes includes a wide portfolio of presentations made of synthetic and natural fibers. Duracordel products stand out for their high strength, mooring capacity, durability and the support represented in a product designed and manufactured by Compañía de Empaques.

Our portfolio of yarns and ropes comprises two types of materials: synthetic and fique.


Used for all types of mooring and the assurance of elements in industries such as agricultural (mooring and crops tutoring), nautical (cargo securing), industrial (merchandise mooring), mining, construction, crafts, among others


Yarn and ropes manufactured with fique:

  • - Made with 100% natural and environmentally friendly fibers.
  • - Coated with a special emulsion to provide them with greater resistance to moisture, thus preventing the attack of microorganisms.

Yarn and ropes manufactured with polypropylene:

  • More resistance.
  • More vivid colors.
  • Different presentations.
  • Moisture resistant.

Duracordel products

Polypropylene products

Fique products


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