Compañía de empaques

Somos una empresa con más de 75 años de experiencia en la transformación de fibras naturales y resinas plásticas en soluciones para los sectores Industrial, Agropecuario, Construcción e Infraestructura. Empaques en fibras, mallas plásticas, cartón plástico, telas sintéticas y fibra natural, hilos y sogas, zunchos, sacos de fibra sintética y fibra natural, refuerzo para el concreto, manto para el control de erosión.

Our brand of plastic meshes differentiates by its wide portfolio of presentations and applications, which are designed and additivated to make them highly resistant to weather, moisture and chemical agents. They stand out for its ease of installation, durability, versatility and the support represented in a product designed and manufactured by Compañía de Empaques.

Our meshes are elaborated with synthetic raw materials and are additivated to protect them from UV rays and outdoors exposure.


Our wide variety of meshes are used in a vast group of industries such as construction, aviculture, pisciculture, flowers and vegetables crops. These products include applications that range from enclosings, decoration, separation of materials and isolation of areas, to protection of crops, and transportation of flowers and other agricultural products.


  • Do no rust.
  • Additivated for UV and outdoor protection
  • Light weight.
  • Resistant to fungicides, moisture and chemical agents.

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