Compañía de empaques

Somos una empresa con más de 75 años de experiencia en la transformación de fibras naturales y resinas plásticas en soluciones para los sectores Industrial, Agropecuario, Construcción e Infraestructura. Empaques en fibras, mallas plásticas, cartón plástico, telas sintéticas y fibra natural, hilos y sogas, zunchos, sacos de fibra sintética y fibra natural, refuerzo para el concreto, manto para el control de erosión.

Compañía de Empaques is a leading company in the production of synthetic and natural fiber sacks in Colombia and the Region. We embrace state-of-the-art technology in the extrusion, weaving, printing, and design and manufaturing training processes, to create high performance sacks with the best quality and innovation standards. These characteristics allow us to consolidate ourselves as one of the fastest growing companies with presence in more than 15 countries in America and Europe.

Our sacks are made with two types of raw material: natural fibers (fique) and synthetic fibers (polypropylene).


Collecting, packaging, storage, transportation and products trade. Our sacks have a presence along various sectors such as agriculture (coffee, tubers, cocoa), industrial (animal concentrate feeds, rice, sugar, flour), construction (material collection, raw material packing, building trenches, ditches and containment structures) and a wide variety of products and uses in different industries.


Fique sacks:

  • Varied fabrics according to need.
  • Made with 100% natural and biodegradable fibers.
  • Prevent moisture generation and fungi proliferation.
  • Easy sampling in export processes (coffee).

Polypropylene sacks:

  • Variety of multi layered fabrics for high quality printing.
  • High resistance and performance.
  • High barrier levels.

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